Aviator is a cash game with simple mechanics. The gambler has to place a bet and decide for himself at what odds to take his winnings. If this is not done before the plane in the Aviator online entertainment flies away, the bet is lost.

Aviator Game Overview

Aviator is an online cash game. But it differs from the classic slots in its design. The main feature is the dependence of winnings on the player’s actions.

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Aviator was developed in 2021 by Spribe. Theoretical RTP is 97%, volatility is medium. The minimum bet is 10 cents and the maximum is $100.

The denomination of the minimum and maximum bet depends on the currency chosen.

The maximum winnings are x2000 of the bet amount. The game has a demo mode, where you can get to know Aviator in a game for virtual credits. Statistics on previous rounds are also available.

The visual design of Aviator

The Aviator playing field is a black screen with a picture of an aeroplane taking off. The winnings potential multiplier is in the centre. The settings and control buttons are on the bottom.

Statistics of all participants and winnings are on the left side of the screen. At the top, the player has access to the history of previous rounds. It shows at what maximum multiplier the game ended.

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Where is Aviator available?

Aviator is available at many bookmakers and online casinos. Having gained a lot of popularity, it attracts new gamblers. Therefore, many gambling establishments are adding Aviator to their catalogue.

In Aviator you can play online in demo mode. It can be found on the developer’s website. The free version is also available on the website of online casinos or betting houses that have Aviator in their catalogue. To play for real money, a minimum deposit is required.

Is it possible to download Aviator

It is not possible to download the game directly to your device. But this is not necessary, because all the mathematical calculations take place on the servers of the developer of gambling entertainment.

There are many games in mobile app shops that fully replicate the mechanics of Aviator. Downloading such “duds” will not lead to anything good. Despite the outward resemblance, the mechanics of calculation can be quite different. If it doesn’t matter when playing for virtual credits, then with real money, you can quickly zero out your account.

Aviator game rules

Before the game starts the player has 15 seconds to place his bet. For each round the player can place two independent bets. Once the plane has taken off and the odds are displayed on the screen, betting is stopped for the current round. But the player can bet on the next one.

After the plane takes off there is an opportunity to take the winnings. The amount of winnings is the bet amount multiplied by the current multiplier. But at any moment the plane can fly away, which means losing.

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The minimum odds at which a plane can fly away is 1.00. In fact, this is an automatic round loss for the player. But this happens very rarely, about 1 time per 100 games.

Autoplay and auto-cashout are available to the player. It is possible to set the coefficient at which the winnings will be transferred to the account.

How to start playing Aviator – step by step instruction

First, you need to register at a betting shop or online casino where Aviator is in the catalogue. After that, you need to top up your balance and run the game for real money.
You can play Aviator with virtual credits without registration.

Tips for new players of Aviator

The first thing to remember is that Aviator is a cash game. Its mechanics suggest that the institution will always be in the money in the long run. But in the short term, the gambler can get a substantial cash prize. When playing Aviator for money, the following tips should be adhered to:

  • Do not bet the entire deposit. The betting amount should be limited to 5-10% of the bankroll. In this case, even several losing rounds in a row will not give a strong drawdown.
  • Limit. You must set yourself a limit either in terms of time, or in terms of winnings. For example, have fun for no more than an hour or increase the bank by 50%, and then leave. Without strict self-control, it will be impossible to win.
  • Be prepared to lose. Aviator is a gambling game, and anything can happen. So you should only play with the money you are willing to part with.

To start is to get acquainted with the Aviator in the casino in the demo mode to get acquainted with the mechanics, and then play for real money.

Guarantee of fairness in the Aviator casino

The calculations are carried out using technology Provably FAIR. Even before the start of the round, the result is generated, which will stop the growth of the odds. Generation does not take place in real time on the developer’s servers.

To check it, go to the history, take the hash value of the round and check on any hash calculator.

aviator game for money

Strategies for playing Aviator

There is no guaranteed winning strategy in Aviator. But there are a few tactics that can help you minimise your risks.

Minimal risk and stable winnings

The essence of the tactic is to take your winnings at low odds of 1.2-1.5. For convenience, you can use automatic cashout by setting the desired value.

This strategy has two disadvantages:

  1. the player can fall into a “hole”. The final odds of the round do not depend on each other. It may happen that several rounds in a row the gambler will lose on values about 1.1.
  2. Missing out on big winnings. It is frustrating to pick up winnings by 1.5, when the final multiplier has exceeded x50.

The golden mean – the Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is quite popular in the gambling community, but it’s hard to find real-world applications for it. However, Aviator is an online game where the tactic can work.

The player needs to start with a minimum bet and wait for a minimum multiplier of 2. If the bet loses, you need to increase its denomination by a factor of 2. Approximately 50% of the games end up with odds higher than 2.

However, in order to apply such tactics, you need to have a large balance, as a series of failures can seriously drain the pot. There is also the possibility of getting bogged down in the maximum bet. In this case, the strategy simply stops working.

Playing big

The strategy is based on catching big odds. It is best to combine this tactic with one of the previous ones, because it is hard to catch a really big multiplier.

For big odds it is better to use the second bet by setting the automatic cashout to a high value. It’s up to the player to decide what that value will be, but it’s not recommended to set it below 10, otherwise there’s no point in this tactic.