At 1Win online casino, Aviator is a popular crash game in which the player’s winnings depend on his actions. Aviator has become so popular that the 1Win website has moved the game to a separate tab on the home page.

Play Aviator 1Win

How to play Aviator 1Win

The goal of Aviator 1Win is to collect your winnings before the plane disappears from the radar. The more it is on the screen, the higher the winnings can be. In order to start playing 1Win Aviator, you must:

  • Register online or in the 1Win casino app.
  • In your personal cabinet, make a deposit in any convenient way.
  • Play at Aviator.

Before making bets for real money, it is recommended to try the Aviator in a free demo mode in order to understand the mechanics of the game.

Rules of the game Aviator in 1Win

Before the start of the round in Aviator 1Win player is invited to make a bet. At the same time there is an opportunity to make two independent bets. The maximum limit is $100 each. Once the plane has taken off, bets for the current round are closed. But it is possible to bet immediately on the next round.

When the plane takes off, a multiplier appears in the middle of the screen. It increases over time. The player’s task is to press the Cash Out button before the plane flies away. The winnings are the bet multiplied by the multiplier fixed at the time of pressing.

1win aviator

If the plane flies away before the gambler presses Cash Out, the bet loses. The maximum prize in 1Win Aviator is x100,000.

An automatic cashout feature is available. You need to set the desired multiplier. And once a given value is reached in the round, the bet will go in.

The game has an algorithm that protects the online casino from players who have placed an automatic cashout on super-low values. The plane can fly away at once with a multiplier of 1.00, which means a loss for all gamblers.

Strategies for playing 1Win Aviator

There are no strategies that allow you to win 100% at 1Win Aviator. But there are a few methods that players actively use:

  • Martingale. The principle is simple – you have to wait for the odds to rise above 2, and at that point take your winnings. If the bet loses, then for the next round to bet 2 times more. Practice shows that in about 45% of rounds the odds will be more than 2, and therefore you can win. The main thing is to stop in time.
  • Low multiplier play. It is suggested to cash out Aviator on the coefficient value of 1.2-1.3. In this case the player will win very often. Even one loss can be won back quite quickly. The only drawback is that a series of losing streaks in a row may become unplayable.
  • Playing on high quotations. The opposite of the previous strategy. It is recommended to use the second bet for this and set at once the automatic cashout on the necessary value. It is better to place more than 20, in this case you can make a big score. In this case, you can play with the standard strategy on the first bet.